Pet Nail Care: More Important Than You May Think

Trimming is part of grooming your dog it helps your dog to be healthy and happy.

If you don’t trim your dog nails they will end up growing too long.

If your dog spent time playing outdoors, running on a hard surface like concrete and blacktop their nail will be worn down and there will be less need of nail trimming.

If your dog spends more time indoor lying on the sofa or walking on carpet or grass there will be a very less frictional effect on their nail and they will grow long.

Here we will discuss the importance of nail trimming, and the difference between grinding and clipping.

Problems of untrimmed nails

There are a variety of problems that can be caused by long and untrimmed nails:

  • Long nails are often painful for walking. When the nails are so long that they constantly touch the ground, they exert strength on the nail bed, which creates pain for the dog.

  • Untrimmed and overgrown nails affect the posture of your dog. Posture has a key role in maintaining a balance of body therefore your dog is more prone to fall when going for walks or walking up and down the steps.

  • Long untrimmed nails are more prone to breaking. A broken nail is continuous source pain for your beloved pet especially if the wound becomes infected.

  • Dogs with untrimmed nails are can damage your furniture. It is not a medical issue but imagines your favorite leather sofa torn up by your dog.


Trimming of nail

To trim the nails of your beloved dog you can use two approaches clipping and grinding.

If your dog is not used to trimming their nails than you might need to work on ensuring that your dog feels comfortable during the process.

You can regularly introduce your dog to clippers and get your dog used to have their paw handled.

You can also reward your dog by giving treats and praise until your dog allows you to clip his nail without getting nervous.



It is a quick, manual method that can be painful and stressful if you don't have any skills. The clippers can cut the nail quickly, so you should be careful while using it.

It may lead to pain if you press your pets quickly. Quick is the live part of your dog nail so stop cutting when you reach the pink part if your dog has white nails.

If your dog has black nail continue cutting until you see the white portion. Clipping seldom breaks the nails of puppies.


The high-quality grinder provides smooth and round nails quickly and without any stress.

Slowly introduce your dog to grinder sound and start doing the procedure. The pet nail grinder is good, safe and fast, so all pets will love it, especially those with suffer from anxiety.

For perfect and safe nail grinding procedure, we have developed a PetTrimm - a high-quality pet nail grinder with 6000 rpm brass shaft diamond bit head that makes it super effective.

And thanks to the special adapter that allows you to choose between three grinding options, depending on the size of your pet, it is so safe that even an inexperienced dog owner can easily handle it. So it is great for thin cat nails, medium size dogs, as well as for large and thick dog nails that are hard to clip.

With PetTrimm Pet Nail Grinder you can:

  • Give your pet good nail care
  • Avoid a lot of stress and anxiety of the innocent being
  • Save a decent amount on the vet
  • Last but not least, you can protect your home from scratches


Untrimmed nails are a continuous source of pain for your beloved dog. So, you should regularly grind your dog nails because it is a safe and easy procedure.